Volkswagen Military and First Responder Program Walnut Creek CA

Military and First Responder bonus program banner with pictures of Jetta and Tiguan

Is a paycheck really enough to put your life on the line? It’s clear that some careers aren’t just a job, but a calling. Not everyone exhibits the bravery or drive to join the military or to become a first responder, but those who do deserve a bit of extra special recognition. At least Volkswagen seems to think so, as the automaker has created a unique Military and First Responder Program to provide discounts on most new Volkswagen models.

We know a mere price reduction on a reliable and practical car doesn’t do nearly enough to thank our troops or local heroes, but it is a small way for us to say thanks here at our Walnut Creek CA location.

VW Military and First Responder Bonus Eligibility

As with any bonus program, there are certain requirements to be met in order to receive the $500 bonus offer. Running through January 9, 2019, the program applies to all new, unused 2017 and 2018 Volkswagen models. Those eligible to receive the bonus on a new vehicle purchase include the following:

  • Active Duty U.S. Military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard and Active Reserve)
  • U.S. Military Veterans
  • U.S. Military Retirees
  • First Responders: Police Officer, Sheriff/Sheriff’s Deputy, Correctional Officer, State Trooper, Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Firefighter, EMT, Paramedics
  • Household members of the above

In order to receive the bonus, eligible parties must fill out the Military and First Responder Claim Form and provide department-issued identification from either a military branch or first responder department.

Unlike many incentives, the Volkswagen Military and First Responder Bonus does combine with other incentive offers. Find out more when you contact us here at Dirito Brothers Volkswagen.