2019 Volkswagen Atlas vs 2019 Honda Pilot

Comparison image of a white 2019 Volkswagen Atlas and a Red 2019 Honda Pilot

Are you in the market for a new three-row SUV that offers excellent engine performance and a very spacious interior? If so, then you are in luck! There are several excellent three-row SUV models available in the automotive industry that offer great engine performance and spacious interiors. Two three-row SUV models that meet these criteria and customers really seem to love are the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas and the 2019 Honda Pilot.

Both the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas and the 2019 Honda Pilot offer tremendous aspects that customers are sure to love. Choosing between these two models can be an extremely difficult decision to make! In an effort to help customers make the most informed decision, regardless of the outcome, the staff here at Dirito Brothers Volkswagen in Walnut Creek, CA has conducted a model comparison for these two vehicles. Check out the results of this model comparison below!

Primary Engine Specs

2019 Volkswagen Atlas


2019 Honda Pilot

3.6L V6 Engine Primary Engine 3.5L V6 Engine
276 Horsepower Engine Power 280 Horsepower
266 Pound-Feet Engine Torque 262 Pound-Feet
17 MPG / 24 MPG Fuel Economy (City / Hwy) 19 MPG / 27 MPG

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The table above compares the engine specifications of the primary engine of the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas and the 2019 Honda Pilot. As you can see, both engine options are very evenly matched. Each engine option is within 4 “points” of one another for each engine specification. The 2019 Volkswagen Atlas also offers a smaller 2.0L turbo engine as well. This turbo engine offers lower performance output but a much better fuel economy rating that rivals what the 2019 Honda Pilot offers. Now, let’s explore how the interiors of each vehicle stack up!

Interior Volume Specs

2019 Atlas


2019 Pilot

7 Passengers Seating Capacity 7-8 Passengers
20.6 Cubic Feet Standard Cargo Capacity 16.5 Cubic Feet
96.8 Cubic Feet Maximum Cargo Capacity 83.9 Cubic Feet
174.3 Cubic Feet EPA Interior Volume 169.4 Cubic Feet

The table above compares the interior volume of each three-row SUV model. As you can see, the 2019 Atlas offers a much more spacious interior than that 2019 Pilot. The 2019 Pilot can carry one more passenger with some trim levels, but the 2019 Atlas offers much more space for passengers and cargo.

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