2017 Volkswagen CC vs 2017 INFINITI Q50

With a sleek and stylish design highlighted by Bi-Xenon headlights, the 2017 Volkswagen CC is the luxury car you've been waiting for. In the back, the 2017 CC features LED taillights, which will most likely be the part of your vehicle people see most often. Accentuating the exterior of the CC are stunning curves and modern, fluid lines that give off a sense of motion even while standing still. The 2017 CC also has available folding windows for parking into any tight spaces. Don't think your CC is going to fit? Tuck the windows in and watch your CC fit into spaces others could only dream of squeezing into.

On the inside, the 2017 Volkswagen CC is chalk-full of standard and available features designed to make driving more convenient. The touchscreen navigation system on the CC for example features voice control. No more having to punch in any destinations, or constantly look at your phone to see exactly how far 0.7 miles is. Leave your phone in your pocket where its battery will be safe from power-sucking navigation. With the voice-activated navigation inside of the CC, all you need to do is tell your car where you want to go. Let's take a closer look at some of the many more features on the 2017 Volkswagen CC, and compare them to what the 2017 INFINITI Q50 has to offer.

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2017 Volkswagen CC vs 2017 INFINITI Q50
With Voice Activation Navigation Not Available
8 Number of Speakers 6
Driver and Front Passenger Heated Seats Not Available
Standard Stolen Vehicle Tracking Not Available

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While the 2017 INFINITI Q50 is truly an amazing vehicle in its own right, and was a great competitor, there were just a few areas where it wasn't able to hold serve with the 2017 Volkswagen CC. With two extra speakers inside of the cabin, the 2017 CC makes you feel like you're at the concert. No more forgetting how incredible what it was like seeing your favorite band perform live, simply play a couple of their live songs through the audio system and your CC will transport you back to the show. 


If you would like to learn more about the standard and available features of the 2017 Volkswagen CC, we encourage you to check out the research page right here on our website! We've done the hard work for you, so all you need to do is sit back and read what we've found out. We also encourage you to check out our blog. We've got an entire section devoted to the Volkswagen CC so you can learn pretty much everything about it right here on the Dirito Brother's Volkswagen website. If you would like to test drive the CC, or any of our other Volkswagen vehicles, you can schedule one from our website as well! You pick the time and day, and we'll take care of the rest.

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