Watch the Beetle Fly Away in This Emotional Send-Off Video!

By Product Expert | Posted in VW Beetle on Thursday, January 16th, 2020 at 6:43 pm
Blue Volkswagen Beetle near the ocean

The Last Mile Video Featuring the Volkswagen Beetle 

For many of us, the Volkswagen Beetle has always been there for us. It was the car that Mom and Dad drove us around in. It was the first car we learned how to drive. It took us on many dates and helped us find our soul mate. And over the years it has done even more for us. Now, the era of the Volkswagen Beetle is coming to an end, and we are incredibly sad about it. To give the beloved car a well-deserved special send-off, Volkswagen created this video, and we are excited to share it right here on our blog! Enjoy! 


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