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How come the catalytic converter is so expensive to replace?

If you’ve ever had to replace the catalytic converter, or if you’re facing that situation now, you’ve probably already asked yourself how come the catalytic converter is so expensive to fix. After all, it’s not like it’s the entire engine or anything, so why should this tiny part clear out a good chunk of your savings? Well, there’s actually a good reason why you’ll find yourself paying so much to fix it. Here’s why.

Expenses of replacing a catalytic converter

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First of all, if you need to replace a catalytic converter, this fix can easily cost over $1,000. So, why is this? First up is the material the catalytic converter is made from. The converter uses specific expensive metals, which not only help keep the exhaust clean, but it promotes the longevity of this part.

Secondly, on newer models the catalytic converter can be labor-intensive and difficult to get to, which increases the labor cost. However, if you have an older model, it can actually be pretty easy to DIY it.

So to put it simply, replacing the catalytic converter is expensive because it can be a bit finicky to replace on some model, but mainly because it’s made of precious metals. However, your car can’t function without it, so if you need to get it replaced, it’s best to just get it done.

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