Side vew of 2021 Volkswagen ID.4

What state incentives does California provide for hybrid and electric vehicles?

California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project Incentives and Information

Electric vehicles include a slew of tasty benefits inherent in their very being. These include greatly reduced fuel costs, minimal parts and maintenance, exciting acceleration abilities, and more. Of course, driving electric also helps the planet by reducing one’s carbon emissions.

On top of these, the government here in California has provided some alluring incentives for drivers to switch to EVs. A favorite incentive that customers inquire about here at Dorito Brothers Walnut Creek Volkswagen is one known as the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project. What exactly is the California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project?

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A top hat wearing chicken collects money from a pickup truck

What is the “chicken tax?”

Chicken Tax Definition, Causes and Effects

The Volkswagen lineup contains many excellent vehicles for different drivers: there’s the Tiguan and Atlas SUVs for the families and adventurers, the Golf GTI hot hatchback for driving purists, and the practical Jetta sedan. One type of vehicle missing (in the United States, at least) from the Volkswagen lineup is a pickup truck. Customers sometimes ask us here at Dirito Brothers Volkswagen about this rather conspicuous absence.

It’s not that Volkswagen doesn’t make a pickup truck; most recently, the automaker has produced and sold the Amarok model in foreign markets since 2010. However, the Amarok is not sold in the United States, and one reason for this is likely something called the “chicken tax.” What is the chicken tax, and what does it have to do with Volkswagen?

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2021 VW Tiguan exterior front fascia driver side on blurred road

Where can I turn in my Volkswagen lease in Walnut Creek, CA?

Where to Turn In a Leased Volkswagen in Walnut Creek, CA         

Leasing a new Volkswagen is a great way to get the latest automotive features and innovations devised by the German automaker without having to commit to a full purchase. However, as with everything in this world (good and bad), a lease period eventually must end. 

If you’ve found yourself in the Walnut Creek area as your Volkswagen lease comes to a close, you may be wondering where you can return your VW ride. Where can one turn in their Volkswagen lease in the Walnut Creek area?

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Volkswagen Amarok parked by some cliffs

Does Volkswagen make a pickup truck?

From classic models like the Beetle and Type II minibus, to modern marvels such as the Golf GTI and Atlas Cross Sport, the Volkswagen lineup is one of the most iconic in the automotive industry. One type of vehicle that may not readily come to mind when one thinks of the brand, however, is a pickup truck.

It’s clear that Americans love pickup trucks, and most automakers seem to feature at least one in their wheelhouse. Customers here at Dirito Brothers VW sometimes hit us with the question: does Volkswagen make a pickup?

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